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Sunday, 7 August 2016


Things I Learned On August 06, 2016 - Freshmen Induction Day 2:-
- I Am Good. I Can Be Better. One Day I Will Be The Best. Start Your Day With A Positive Attitude. (Lesson Credits: Guneet Paul Singh)
- Study To Check Your Capabilities. Be Simple. (Lesson Credits: Mandeep Kaur Sidhu)
- "Be That Person That People Ask About How You Did What You Have Done.", Mandeep Kaur Sidhu)
- Never Bring Financial Restrictions In Your Life. CGPA 10. MBA Is Over Interesting. (Mandeep Kaur Sidhu)
- Two Secrets: 1. Do Your Assignments In Such A Way That It Is Going To Be Presented In World's Best College.
2. Newspapers.
(Mandeep Kaur Sidhu)
- Do What You Want To Do, Even If Nobody Is Watching. The Right Persons Will Follow You Automatically. (Mandeep Kaur Sidhu)
- Never Directly Express What You Want. Firstly, Appreciate What Others Do. (Mandeep Kaur Sidhu)
- You Have To Start From Somewhere In Life. (Lesson Credits: Mr. Tejdeep)
- Never Stop Educating Yourself. (Mr. Tejdeep)
- No Matter How Much You Earn, Save 33% Of Your Salary For The Next 3 Years If You Are Not Married.
- The Decision You Took In Past Was The Best Decision For That Situation With Given Resources. (Mr. Tejdeep)
- People May Steal Your Idea But They Definitely Cannot Implement In An As Efficient Manner As The Originator Of That Idea Would Have Been. (Glass And Ball Game)
- Never Give Up On Your Dreams, No Matter How Many Times You Fail. ( Balloon Activity)
- Always Be Respectful To Everyone, Irrespective Of Their Designation. (Suresh Kashyap Sir)
- Be A Good Listener. (Suresh Kashyap Sir.)
- Sometimes, You Need To Act Professional With Higher Authorities. (Lesson Credits: Suresh Kashyap.)
- No Matter What You Do, Do With Focus.
- Keep Your Heart Clean And You Will Make Many Friends.
- Courage Is Something Which You Can Generate In You Within Seconds.

P.S. Today was one of the wonderful days of my life.
First And Foremost, I attended the guest lecture of Mandeep Kaur Sidhu who shared wonderful lessons with us that nobody had taught us before. She also runs special hashtag #moreSmileseachDay . I was glad to see her presentation and the kind of work she does. Though, She is an Alumni of LPU but the kind of love she showed for the University was just marvellous. She expressed her visions and missions start from when she joined LPU, following by her corporate experience and ultimately to become and Entrepreneur.

Later, she shared a story of her 8th standard at the time of Assembly and became one among the 10th class students to perform exercises on stage because of her excellence in her work. All The Stories she shared have been summerized into above lessons.

Right after her lecture, there came another Alumni, Mr. Tejdeep. He also shared various good lessons which have been expressed above.
Later,  we were asked to come forward to share what we learned and I also raised my hands for the same. That one Moment I felt that it is easy to write lessons than to share them. However, I managed to raise my hands and gave a short speech.

In addition to this experience, I also had another small wonderful experience which I shared in the post, "A Journey Towards Courage Within 3 Seconds."

I am thankful to God for giving such a wonderful day.

Thank You For Reading.

Rohit Sood

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