25-August-2016 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Friday, 26 August 2016


Things I Learned On August 25, 2016:-
- That Awesome Moment When You Focus On Right, Rather Than People.
- You Must Learn To Gain That Much Knowledge That You Never Have To Prepare Yourself To Speak What You Want To. (IB Lecture Hall, No Hands Were Raised.)
- If People Lose Low Graded Jobs, They Will Be Forced To Up-Skill Themselves And Get Better Jobs, That’s How The Country Will Grow. (Lesson Credits: Sanjay Modi)
- No Matter How Many Suggestions People Give, You Must Only Do What You Feel Right. (Lesson Credits: Minakshi Mam)
- Keep Your Heart Clean, People Will Follow You.
- That Awesome Moment When You Meet People Similar To Your Nature.
- Learn Unlearn And Then Learn Again, In A Different Manner.
- Knowledge Must Be Shared In A Best Manner. (Lesson Credits: Mukesh Sir.)
- It Feels Amazing When Someone Has The Same Level Of Thoughts, The Way You Have And You Realize That They Are Wrong.

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