24-August-2016 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Friday, 26 August 2016


Things I Learned On August 24, 2016:-
- Face Expressions Tell A Lot. No, You Know What You Must Do.
- It Feels Amazing When You Fulfill Your Responsibilities. (Quiz Making.)
- You Must Not Lose Even A Single Opportunity To Share Your Knowledge. (Lesson Credits: Ahmad Sina) (Variance Vs. S.D.)
- You May Be Good But You Must Still Keep Working To Be The Best. (Lesson Credits: Economics News Irrelevant Selection.)
- Never Argue, Whether You Win Or Lose, You Will Lose.
- No Matter Who Is Speaking To You About Your Friend At His Back, You Must Always Defend Your Friend. (Lesson Credits: Gursimar And Shubhraj.)
- You Must Not Discriminate Among People Based On Their Caste, Religion,  Etc. (Lesson Credits:- Jyoti Bisla.)
- You Must Have A Slow And Steady Approach In Your Life, That's How You Live This Best. (Lesson Credits: Raspinder Kaur.)
- Sometimes, You Must Also Learn To Listen To People's Interests.
- Some Decisions Are Somehow Taken With The Thought, "What People Would Think." (Not Attending The Quiz.)
- You Should Never Criticize Or Complain, People Must Realize That, By Themselves. (Lesson Credits: Dimple Gupta.)

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