21-April-2016 - Things I Learned Today

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Friday, 22 April 2016


Things I Learned On April 21, 2016:-
- The more attention you give to someone, the more rejection you welcome. (PC Change Request)
- That Awkward Moment When People Ask For Solution But Doesn't Listen To It. ( Installation)
- Right Things Must Be Done No Matter How Much, Bad Things Seem Fruitful. (Aux Changed After Log Out)
- Sometimes, We Just Criticise A Thing Without Being Aware About What Brought It Into Existance. (Making of Gaurav In Fan)
Today late at night, at around 1:30 am. Of April 22, 2016, Vinay Swami showed me a video about how they turned Shahrukh Khan into a Gaurav Chandna. At the beginning, I was not much interested in it because I didn't like the film. But as soon as the time passed by, I started observing various facts and it gave rise to a new perspective in my mind. I felt how easy it was for me to comment on a movie about which I didn't even know how much efforts brought it into existance.
I was so surprised by the facts that were shown in the video and how much hard work has brought Fan into picture.
On very first day, I simply went and watched the movie and commented on it and promised myself to never see it again. But that video simply gave me a reason to watch it again and look it from a different angle.
Keep Learning ☺
Keep Sharing ☺
Keep Smiling ☺
Thanks & Regards
Rohit Sood

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