20-April-2016 - Things I Learned Today

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Friday, 22 April 2016


Things I Learned On April 20, 2016:-
- Some Things Doesn't Go The Way You Plan. You Must Learn To Deal Such Situations.
- That Awesome Moment When You Smile At A Stranger And She Smiles Back. (A Girl At Locker Area)
- That Hilarious Moment When Your Small Act Of Kindness Makes People See You Like A Hero As If You Saved Someone's Life.
- The effect is not of the lesson but the story that leave people to think. (Lesson Credits:- Tarkeshwar)
- You cannot analyze the result of something without even starting it. (Lesson Credits: Tarkeshwar)
- That One Moment When You Realize That If Your Present Actions Aren't Enough To Get What You Want, It Doesn't Mean That Your Future Actions Won't Either.
- There are certain barriers in our life that we create ourselves.  (Lesson Credits: Harkamal Ubhi)
- The More Seriousness You Welcome In Your Life, The More Serious You Become. (Lesson Credits: Shivani Ahuja)
- The More Talkative You Are, The More You React To Situations.(Lesson Credits: Shivani Ahuja)
- That One Moment When People's Action Are Determined By Their Fear. (Security.)
- No Matter What People Think,  It Is Important To Do What Is Required. (Lesson Credits: Rokesh)
- That Awkward Moment You Realize That Whole Your Success Was Just Hollow. (Lesson Credits: Fitoor)
- The More Items You Have In Your To Do List, The More Productive Your Day Become.
Today was one of the most productive days.
I made To Do List for today and it went so well. I discussed about various things with few people and the conversations were quite interesting. I came to know the perspectives of others about various aspects of life.
I also came to know how I stopped myself from exploring my hidden abilities.
Finally, most of my myths has come to an end and I am again ready to make a difference once again.

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