25-February-2016 - Things I Learned Today

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Sunday, 6 March 2016


Things I Learned On February 25, 2016:-
- Everyone has their own way of dealing with mishappenings. Therefore, no reaction, response, or solution can be universally applicable. (Scarcity Of Water)
- Sometimes, we come out of our home not because we need to go somewhere but for God has to send us for someone's help.
- That Hilarious Moment When The Person, Who Doesn't Respond You Within Conversation, Initiates A Conversation After A While, Just Because They Need Your Help.
- People treat you well up till they believe you are helpful to them.
- A small act of kindness does make a difference. (Uber Driver - Deepak Incident)
- I may not guide all the people who have to go to different directions. However, I can walk a mile or so, with some people and help them reach their destination.

I was having week off so I was watching a movie with one of my new pg mates. I received a call from one of team leaders other than my own team leader, he requested me to come to office within 15 minutes. I denied the same, he was still trying to convince me but I was stuck at my decision only. Moreover, he was the one who didn't cooperate with me when I was sick at office. Finally, he said come to office within 30 minutes. "I ain't gonna come.", I replied. He said,"Okay no issue enjoy your day."

It wasn't over. I was sure that he will make my manager call to me. As per my perception, I received a call from my manager and it was pretty easy to make him understand the situation.

Later in the day, I had a situation with my room mate. I was trying to talk to him. He didn’t reply and didn't even spoke a word.
So I gave up on him and didn't speak after that.
Meanwhile, I received a call and had to go to Cyber Cafe for some urgent work. On the way, I met a Uber Driver and he was talking to a passenger and was asking for guidelines for how to reach him/her. He requested me to talk to a passenger. I got the destination, I explained it to him. He was still confused then finally, I said,"Okay Fine, let me take you there, I will be back by walking." It felt good by helping him.

Finally, I came back to room and few hours were passed, I was watching a movie. To my surprise after an hour, when my pg mate came back to room from downstairs, he said that our other room mate was waiting for me and I must go downstairs to bring the dinner for us.
I couldn't stop laughing and said,"Finally, you got to talk to me for your own self motive..haan!!"
It was way more funny than I can express here.

Thank you for reading.

Keep Learning ☺
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Keep Smiling ☺

Thanks & Regards
Rohit Sood

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