24-February-2016 - Things I Learned Today

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Wednesday, 24 February 2016


Things I Learned On February 24, 2016:-
- People perceive crazy things about your personality, but does that really define you? Naa!! Just Don't Give A Damn. (Novel, Inhuman)
- That Awkward Moment When A Man Of Value Speaks But People Disrespect Him Because They Are Not Aware About Who He Is.
- That Hilarious Moment When You Come To Know That Those People Who Don't Have Any Connection With You, Gossip About You.
- When You Have To Say No To A Customer, Just Support It With A Yes For Something Else. (Feedback From Deepak Sir)
- Pretending Prevails Everywhere.

As per daily routine, I went to office and sat near the same operating system I work at.
At Office, I read about Oscar Nominations and again Leonardo was nominated with many others. I really wish that he win the oscar award this time.

At late morning, a girl at my office asked me, "Do you read Novels?". "Yes", I replied. She said that she will suggest me a novel to read. I was pretty shocked that why she would do that as there is a cold war that goes between us. Anywayz, I ignored that because I didn't give a damn about that.
Later on, a guy sitting next to me, asked her if she would suggest him a novel. Then she replied to him that he doesn't need that because he is a human but Rohit needs to become. Haha..OMG! it was pretty funny for me, I couldn't stop laughing because what made her think like that is what she is all about. I got super excited and asked for a name of novel. She said she is busy.
I said to myself,"That's Perfect."

Later in the day, I went for a feedback meeting with Deepak Sir and he gave me quite wonderful tips to improve my performance. While he was giving his feedback, I realized that his feedback matched my life as well, that whatever mistakes I make in my life, are the ones I make in my work too. That was a good food for thought.

Later in the evening, I was feeling too tired and my eyes were getting closed and were paining. On the other hand, My friend told me about an incident that happened at office that someone disrespected the most senior designated person of our office and asked him,"Who are you to tell me this." His mistake was just that he was trying to tell that girl to be bit polite with the customer but she simply disrespected him.

I also came to know about an opinion formed by one of the persons about me. I learned from that as well. It was quite hilarious for the way it was presented.

It was quite strange when someone said to me something which I couldn't make out why he said that to me. The only way out was to clarify from him. But to my surprise, he reacted in a way as if nothing happened. Well that's okay with me as it was bit funny too.

Thank you for reading.
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Thanks & Regards
Rohit Sood

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