07-January-2016 - Things I Learned Today

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Sunday, 17 January 2016


Things I Learned On January 07, 2016 (Winter Camp - Day 3):-
- Sometimes, we can sense the future mishappening  and also have the ability to stop it, to occur. However, we still let it happen out of our ignorance.
- Knowledge never arrives at you. You have to make efforts to reach towards it. (Jatin Kumar)
- Never Give Up On Your Passion. (Ramesh Gawla)
- Never leave any task unfinished. (Ramesh Gawla)
- You must learn to earn the trust of your Guru with your dedication towards the task. (Story of Shri Nivasan shared by Ramesh Sir)
- People can count on you only if you have a confidence in yourself. (Ankita Khanna)
- You must learn to laugh at yourself. (Rajnikant)

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