06-January-2016 - Things I Learned Today

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Sunday, 17 January 2016


Things I Learned On January 06,  2016 (Winter Camp - Day 2):-
- Lack of confidence prevails only for the things that you have not tried. (Kabbadi Match)
- "You may be an under-performer but still your performance counts.", Rohit Sood
- People may be right but they must not repeat the same things again and again. (Lesson Credits: Nancy Bhura)
- When the water is in plenty, you use it carelessly. However, in case it is in scarce, you automatically learn to utilize even the single drop of it. (Water finished plus electricity gone)
- Left Over of 4 pieces of rice seems like nothing but together it becomes a meal for at least one person when it is left by more than 40 people. (Lesson Credits: Ankita Khanna)
- Some things we do without any reason but we realize about the right motive while making an attempt to justify our actions. (Lesson Credits: Pallav Kumar Jha)
- We must always keep an unfinished thirst in our heart, to give our best to complete the work assigned to us. (Lesson Credits: Pallav Kumar Jha)
- Problems are created in mind. However, Solutions are the result of actions. (Rahul Vishwanathan) ( An advice to clean the male washrooms)
- You just have to enjoy by yourself, to make others have a good time because of you. (Paper Dance)
- When its hard to see things happening in an inappropriate manner, just take the command of that situation. (Vishal Pandey)

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