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Sunday, 27 December 2015

My Pre-Christmas Gift From A Stranger

My Pre-Christmas Gift From A stranger.
It was the day of December 23, 2015 but still I already received my Christmas Gift.
I was passing through the Phase 3 metro station where I observed people distributing diaries. I felt that woww! I will get chance to write more now. However, as soon as I reached near those persons, I asked them what it is? A girl came out of the group and said it is 'The Holy Bible' and handed over one to me. I said 'Thanks' many times to her. I noticed it was Hindi Edition, so I asked her about if they have English edition.
She asked couple of guys but they said they were finished with stock of English Edition, but suddenly a third guy came and gave that one last piece of English Edition Bible. I felt that may be that was the piece left just for me.
The moment I took The Bible in my hands, I promised myself that I will read it and will start it soon.
I said thanks again to that girl and asked her name. She said,"Pinky".
I stopped there for a while and asked couple of more questions from a guy named Ajay. He told me that they distributed 700 copies of The Bible by then. I was glad to see that particular activity there. I came up with a thought that at least few of all the people who took it, will actually read it.
I hereby Thankful to the representatives of the Church and Jesus itself for providing me with The Holy Bible.
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Thanks & Regards
Rohit Sood

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