25-December-2015 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Sunday, 27 December 2015


Things I Learned On December 25, 2015:-
- You cannot stop anyone to say what you do not want to listen. But surely, you can control how you react after they say it.
- People enjoy talking to happy people.
- Its easy to blame others but we forget to realize that we are actually giving them control of our mind.
- Strength is not judged by your resources but by your confidence. (Movie:- Bhaajirao Mastaani.)
- That awkward moment when you open the door of a metro even after it is closed, and the people can't stop wondering what just happened.
- You can offer help to Everyone, but everyone may not want to take your help. (Deaf Dumb Mystery)
- When your heart is clean, its easy to talk to a unknown girl also.
- No matter whether you think against or for something, you will notice your outer environment behaving according to what your inner world wants to hear. (Dilwale vs Bhajirao. A girl at lunch.)
- I may be insensitive at times but Love always bring me back into my senses
- If you don't love yourself, you won't be able to believe in your qualities even when others appreciate you. (P.S. In a metro, I noticed an old man standing next to me in a wonderful suit. I told him that he was looking smart. He smiled and said,"Iss umar mein kahan smart." But I know that he was definitely looking good.)
- Talents are always hidden in us. But right people and right time make us realize about it. (Thanks to Vinay Swami) (Finally Created it.)
- In life, there comes a point where you need a different perspective to do the same things differently but in best manner. (Thanks to Vinay Swami)
- Contacts matter at the times of adversity. (Package received finally.)
- That awkward moment when you notice a stranger, pretending something to his girlfriend and you can't stop wondering that if you can notice it, why can't that girl..! (Road Crossing.)

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