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Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Chintan Vs Chinta

Chintan Vs Chinta

Today, I was watching a video of Sandeep Maheshwari on the topic; "The Ultimate Purpose Of Life." The things he spoke of, were quite so true. He summarised the purpose of life in two ways:-
1. Living to think recklessly. He named it as "Useless Chinta" ,
2. Thinking to live peacefully which he referred to as "Chintan".
He gave some of the examples for the above two.
First and foremost, Useless Chinta can be considered as the things you think of, which has no purpose at all, such as "Mere saath hi aisa kyun hua? (Why did it happen to me only) , Mera Pait itna jada kyun hai? (Why Am I so fat?) , etc. These are the things that has no value if you think about them as they do not solve the problems rather make us more stressful.
In Addition, He talked about Chintan as correct thinking, which I found out, is the actual solution for those problems. Some instances of chintan would be as follows, (How Can I reduce my stomach and make 6 pack abs on it?, or how can I come out of this particular problem?. This Chintan thing, clearly states how a little change in the way you think can bring so much difference in your life.
This small 7 Minutes 46 seconds video has left me with various observations which are as follows;:-
- This useless chinta takes us to the path of ignorance, which doesn't solve the problems but just act as an escape plan and still those problems come once again in your life by becoming even more powerful.
- I felt that what He was trying to say was, that sometimes we must replace "Why" with "How". Because if instead of focusing on "Why the problem has occured?", we must concentrate more on "How to solve the problem?". This is how we can receive the absolute peace.
- Sometimes, we misjudge peace with ignorance. It happens when we chase for the short term peace but not the eternal peace.
- If this small video can leave so much impact in my mind, there are thousands of videos out there, which can help us fight with the things that we are going through, alone.
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Rohit Sood

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