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Thursday, 3 December 2015


<<<<<A DREAM>>>>>
In them night of December 1, 2015, I had a dream. In its scene, I was running in the jungle to go to a place that was visible for me from bit far and at this place, marriage of one of my relates was going on, and I was already late but as I was about to reach there, I realized I was running so fast in the jungle, there were dogs, wolves, deers , etc., so they may sense terror and it would get dangerous.

As soon as I realized it, I found out that in the direction I was running to, a dog and a wolf saw me running and all of a sudden they started chasing me, I felt that there could be another tens of animals that might chase me, therefore I didn't stop running but I couldn't wait to take a U-Turn. Haha…ofcourse I had to run backward, as I didn't know I was in a dream I felt I could get killed. After reaching at a corner, I saw a deer behind me as if it wanted to eat me.

I managed to escape from there and reached at the gate which wasn't locked but was not actually open, I tried to open it, but there was some manly force that was trying to resist me to open it, however I managed to do it and after I crossed the door, a guy who was trying to stop me from opening that door, said that I have to give something in return to get what I want, I said that, "I am not gonna pay it because just few moments before, that door used to be opened for free."

Moreover, this guy recognised me after a while and realized that he knows me and said it would be alright, I may leave. But just after that I found him stopping other people at the gate for the money, I said to myself it would be unfair if I don't give anything to him, so I handed over Rs. 20 to him and meanwhile I woke up.

After waking up, when I came back into my senses and realized that I was having a dream, I came up with those same human thoughts, "Why didn't I realize it was a dream when I was in a dream itself. Had I recognised about it earlier, I would not have changed my directions with the fear of losing my life to jungle dogs or wolves."

Thanks & Regards
Rohit Sood

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