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Friday 21 May 2021

Protect Yourself! Nobody Else Will!

No matter how many people claim to stand by your side, you never know when they decide to leave that hand, all of a sudden and all you are left with, is a thought to keep re-reading the same chapter of your life or to turn the page and start writing the new chapter from the blank page.

Of course, that's so hard but this step needs to be taken, irrespective of how many times we keep re-reading the same chapters of our life. Such times begin to appear as the turning points of our life, but our decisions determine whether we are taking the turn towards right path or on the down side of our dreams.

The above situations were to create a little flow of thoughts so that I could encourage an openness to read more thoughts related to what the title is really talking about.

Clearly, the first two paragraphs discuss a situation on how we deal with situations where we feel left out by somebody else.

But this post, is way more than that. I am here, talking about the way you let the remarks, statements, behaviors, questions, thoughts, opinions, suggestions, advices, of other people effect your mood, vibes or even mindset.

A small statement or behavior of somebody may disturb our peace to a great extent especially because we allow it to happen. We let them spoil our day within seconds.

Just like a blue light that you see in the above picture, you need to have such a strong vibe which would protects your mind from getting effected easily.

I still remember one of the stories mentioned in the book, The Subconscious Mind in which it was shared that one person says to the other, "Your face look pale today." (Even though there was no sign of paleness on his face) This remark effected that person in such a way that he actually got sick and his face got pale. Why? Because he let that vibe to control his thoughts which ultimately affected his health.

Hence, we really need to be protective for ourselves so that no random person can spoil our mood or even a day.

Thank you for reading,

Rohit Sood
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