March 18, 2017 - 2nd Day of Management Conclave 2017 - Things I Learned Today

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Sunday, 26 March 2017

March 18, 2017 - 2nd Day of Management Conclave 2017

2nd Day of Management Conclave 2017

#Things_I_Learned_Today  (March 18, 2017)
  1. No matter how much time you want to save, you will end up wasting it if you don't use it wisely.
  2. That amazing moment when somebody is giving you lessons in a very beautiful manner. (P.S. Examples shared by Naveen Juneja Sir)
  3. We must firstly complete with ourselves and once we are ready to face the world, then we can start competing with others. (Lesson Credits: Naveen Juneja Sir) (P.S. If you want to fly a plane to a great height, you must ensure if you have an adequate amount of fuel in it.)
  4. “In China, at 10:30 a.m., you will not see any labor sitting because they are working at that time. Whereas in India, you will find them drinking tea.”. Naveen Juneja Sir.
  5. Boss is like a truck and you are the cycle. (Either you can take help of truck to move forward or you can try to compete with it. You know which way is right. (An answer to Sunil Budhiraja Sir’s question given by Naveen Juneja Sir)
  6. “We Indians are like the rockets which we fire in diwali. Though they go on heights but only when their back is on fire.”, Naveen Juneja Sir.
  7. Everything has its own time.
  8. Know what you are good at, rest things will follow. (An answer to my question given by Ranbir Sir)
  9. You must not compare yourself with others. (Ranbir Sir gave an answer to a student’s question.
  10. Your reputation is not with others but with yourself.
P.S. Today, first and foremost, I went to 101L and then we were called by Varinder Sir to 32 Block - 203.
We were going to attend a Panel discussion on Exports by Naveen Juneja Sir and Mr. Ranbir Chakroborty.
We got chance to learn various things from him and the way Naveen Juneja Sir explained each and every aspect were marvellous as he handled all queries by giving beautiful examples.
Varinder Sir suggested us to ask genuine questions at the end of the discussion. The discussion was going on very productively, yet Mr. Ranbir kept differentiating India with Bharat. I knew that he meant the skilled people are becoming more skilled, yet the unskilled people are not getting skilled. However, I wanted to ask him why he was treating India and Bharat separately when it is just a name which is different. Therefore, I arranged a separate question also related to exports. When I was about to ask the question. Sunil Budhiraja Sir asked a question due to which when my turn came, I was told that I could only ask one question. So I asked a question, “When we try to export, we export with an intention to make our brand’s presence globally, then how can we synchronize different cultures with our core values?”
He answered my question in a best manner.
After attending the panel discussion, I came back to home and attended a Webinar with Chandler Bolt. He shared various lessons including the top 7 writing myths. He also told about his friend who met with an accident at the age of 20 and he was dedicating the webinar and some free training courses to his friend only.
Thank you for reading,

Rohit Sood.

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