January 01, 2017 - First Day Of The New Beginning - Things I Learned Today

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Tuesday, 3 January 2017

January 01, 2017 - First Day Of The New Beginning

First Day Of New Beginning.

Things I Learned Today: January 1, 2017:- - Even though you sleep late, you get awake easily on time just because it is a big day and even your subconscious mind is also aware about it. (Slept 4 a.m., woke up at 7:30 a.m.) - Sometimes, we feel less confident just because of lack of knowledge about something. (P.S. how to fix a knot of a bow.) - That amazing moment when someone treats you so perfectly that you cannot express it. (Maamiji's mother.) - Some tips from Maamiji. - You cannot tell how people think of you, hence stop being judgemental with yourself. - We must not blame our education system for our failures. (A conversation with Napinder Uncle.) - Being selfish is not always preferable. (Lunch time.) - That amazing moment when you meet with an excellence in person. (Amritpal Uncle) - Create your every small moment special. (Lesson Credits: Baljinder Maamaji) - Sometimes, it's not really important to involve everyone in a thing which you are doing. (Dance Live video) - There is one mantra to live in a best manner; a) Just do anything and everything that you want to do while you are in an informal group, and b) Act professional when you are in an formal environment. (Lesson Credits: Dr. Gursharan Paji) - "It's a great feeling when you earn your own name.", Gursharan Paji. - To plan is better than to worry. (Lesson Credits: Gursimar.) - Four Tips to increase your life expectancy; 1) Non-Veg nai khana, 2) Daaru nai peeni, 3) Kisi Gareeb di Bad-dua nai laini, 4) Ann ghat khao. (Lesson Credits: Dilip Singh Uncle Ji) - When you have some pending tasks, just do them. It relaxes your mind and free to live every day in a best manner. (Lesson Credits: Dilip Singh Uncle Ji) - That awkward moment when people blame destiny for what they are today. - It doesn't matter with which name you call a person when he has more than one name. (Lesson Credits: Gogy Bua Ji) - That amazing moment when you hear somebody praising a person even if he is not present there. (Lesson Credits: Jaswinder Uncle) - Nature is one beautiful thing which won't tell you what to do, won't scold you nor it will speak what is right or wrong but it is still there and hence you will get results on the basis of what inputs you give to it. (Lesson Credits: Mr. Ram Sroop Sounti, Shubhraj's Nanaji) - You must have a stable thoughts in your mind and heart. (Lesson Credits: Dimple Gupta) - Don't blame the circumstances, rather act and control them according to your own will. (Lesson Credits: Dimple Gupta) - You must have patience in your life. (Lesson Credits: Dimple Gupta.)