17-October-2016 - A Day Spent Listening To Eminent Speakers:- - Things I Learned Today

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Saturday, 22 October 2016

17-October-2016 - A Day Spent Listening To Eminent Speakers:-

A Day Spent Listening To Eminent Speakers:-

Things I Learned On October 17, 2016 (Day 1):-
Ø  Lessons Learned From Speaker 1: Mr. Rajesh Bagha :-
        I.            Corruption Begins Due To The Lack Of Unity Among The Good. If You Don’t Read By Yourself, You Will Believe On Anything You Listen From Others.
      II.            You Must Know How To Use The Technology Wisely. (P.S. Rajesh Sir Narrated A Story About A Person Who Preferred To Complete Chapter Before He Was About To Get Hanged.)
Ø  Lessons Learned From Speaker 2: Mr. Manish :-
        I.            Be Realistic When You Think About The Solution Of A Problem.
      II.            Teach Through Stories. (Hence, Learn Through Stories As Well.)
    III.            Execution Is Not Taught, It Is Learned While Working.
    IV.            No Matter What You Do, Just Master It.
Ø  Other Lessons Learned On October 17, 2016:-
-          Feedback Plays A Very Important Role In Your Growth Process. (Lesson Credits: Shubham Keshwani)
-          Never Share Your Secrets With Anybody. If You Cannot Keep Them By Yourself, How Can You Expect Others To Keep It. (Lesson Credits: Shubhraj)
-          People May Change Their Attitude Towards Others After Getting Success, But You Must Always Stay Down To Earth.
-          People May Contradict Your Opinion At Times, But You Must Always Be Ready To Defend It With One Way Or The Other. (Lesson Credits: Amit Kumar Singh)
-          It Never Matter Whether You Are A Good Speaker Or Not, You Are Performing Your Speech In Front Of Hundreds Of People That Is What Matters. (Student Speakers)
If You Want To Be A Decision Maker, Start Taking Decisions From Now Onwards, As Simple As That. (Food Vs Jyoti)

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