19-October-2016 - A Day Spent Enjoying:- - Things I Learned Today

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Sunday, 23 October 2016

19-October-2016 - A Day Spent Enjoying:-

A Day Spent Enjoying

Things I Learned On October 19, 2016:-

-          Smile And Spread Smiles.
-          People May Disrespect You At Times, But Never Let That De-Motivate You In Any Manner. (Vikas Ubcs)
-          Be Patient And You Will Learn A Lot. (Lesson Credits: Mohammad Aslam)
-          Things That You Don’t Like, May Be Appreciated By Others. (Lesson Credits: Mohammad Aslam) (P.S. He Liked Varun’s Speech)
-          Good Listener Is A Good Learner. (Lesson Credits: Varsha Mane)
-          If People Treat You Good, Treat Them Better. (Lesson Credits: Varsha Mane)
-          Being Talkative May Be Your Nature, To Speak Productively Is Definitely Your Choice. (Lesson Credits: Varsha Mane)
-          That Awesome Moment When You Can Understand Someone Without Asking Them, “What’s Wrong?” (Lesson Credits: Shipra Das)
-          You Must Do What You Feel Right Irrespective Of What People Expect From You.
-          You Cannot Make Anybody Trust Your Opinion Until And Unless You Have An Evidence To Prove Your Statement. (Lesson Credits: Utkarsh Tiwari)
-          Some People See Competition As An Opportunity To Perform Better Whereas Others Become Over-Confident. (Gursimar Vs Abhishek)
-          You May Come Across Selfish Strangers. However You Must Help Them Irrespective Of Their Nature. (Lesson Credits: Utkarsh Tiwari)
-          If You Are Given An Opportunity To Speak In Front Of The Audience, Use It Wisely. (Lesson Credits: Naga Sravan Kilaru)
-          A Speaker Must Not Interrupt Or Argue With The Person Who Stands Out Of The Audience.
-          You Must Always Have Facts And Figures To Support Your Opinion/Statement. (Speaker Vs Person From Audience.)
-          Youth Is Not The Future But Present Of Our Country. (Lesson Credits: Naga Sravan Kilaru)
-          That Awkward Moment When Your Sarcasm Is Taken Seriously And People Start Giving Justification For The Same. (Vikas And Other Coordinators.)
Wrong People Give Excuses For Their Inappropriate Actions. (Few Coordinators.)

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