29-August-2016 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Wednesday, 31 August 2016


Things I Learned On August 29, 2016:-
-          Never Do Things Which May Lead People To Take You For Granted. (Videos Are Ready)
-          Ignite A Fire In You To Be Something And Make A Difference. (Suresh Kashyap.)
-          You Have To Do A Sacrifice To Go Upwards On A Ladder Of Success. (Ravish Verma)
-          People May Be More Talented Than You But Never Feel Disappointed. Just Work Harder To Beat The Talent And Excel In Life. (Mr. Likhit Sir.)
-          That Hilarious Moment When People Take Your Sarcasm Seriously. (Patiala Vs. Australia)
-          A Sense Of Patriotism Can Also Give Rise To The Existence Of A Company. (Story About Tata Shared By Varinder Sir.)
-          Hard Work Must Be Done In A Consistent Manner Everyday, Without A Single Day Miss. (Lesson Credits: Madhusudhan)
-          We May Be Concerned About People While Taking Our Decisions, But We Must Take A Decision That Suits Best For Us, In A Given Circumstances. (Lesson Credits: Shubhraj.)

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