09-July-2015 - Things I Learned Today

Anti-Social Media Challenge

Thursday, 9 July 2015


- There is nothing like good or bad, it all depends upon our priorities.
  - Stay as the person with the personality of "Help & forget".
  - Its kind of wierd to come to know about the mistake you committed few days back and you didn't even know that you actually did it.
  - Same issues have same solutions, however it all varies upon how you solve them and how long you take for the same.
  - Your intention flashes on your face expressions based upon what & how you speak
  - Nobody will respect your efforts you put in solving their problems until you actually solve them.
  - It feels relief to know that there is nothing wrong with your perspective about things.
  - Secrets are meant to remain secrets. (Thanks to Deepak Goyal)
  - Failure doesn't happen to stop us from moving further rather it just pauses our journey for a while so that our way to success gets cleared. (Thanks to Deepak Goyal)
  - Growth - A process that demands your patience. (Thanks to Deepak Goyal)
  - Some situations take place just to teach us to remain down to earth. (Thanks to Deepak Goyal)

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