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Monday 24 January 2022

Phrases Often Used By Losers


What we achieve in our life is majorly dependent upon the direction our mindset moves.

It will determine whether we are going to become an achiever or end up being a loser.

It doesn’t matter if we used any of the following phrases in past or not. What matters most is that we need to stop using such phrases immediately from this moment onwards:

- I hate Myself:
When you don’t love yourself, you only prepare yourself to go on the falling end of the slope. Learn To Love Yourself!

- My Life is a Failure:
When we try something new, failure is bound to happen in initial attempts until we master it to achieve success. But it doesn’t give us the right to call our life a failure.
To fail is okay but to treat yourself or your life as failure is not okay.

- It’s Too Late:
When it’s about doing something you love, it’s never too late to start what you always wanted to start. The best time to start it might have been 10 years ago but the next best time is right now. Just Do It!

- It’s All About Luck:
Just remember that the harder you work, the luckier you are.

- It’s All Their Fault:
Always keep in mind that you are where you have chosen to be. There’s no point in blaming others.

- It’s Not That Easy:
Just remember that winners always believe that it may be difficult but it’s possible and that’s what matters the most.

- I Can’t Do It:
It’s all about our mind. Henry Ford once quoted,”Whether you think or you cannot, you are right.”

- I Wish I Had Time:
Sometimes, we simply blame on time when the truth is that we all get same 24 hours but what we do in those 24 hours.

- My Life is full of Problems:
Solving problems is part of our life and solving those problems make us feel more alive but treating your whole life as full of problems is not a good idea.

- I Will Start It By This Weekend:
You see? This is a phrase that is often used by a Procrastinator and which end up making that person a loser for not doing it all even after so many weekends get passed by.

I personally lived through all of such phrases in past and now I see how much great impact it had in my past on the negative side. This clearly reminds me of the times when I couldn’t win. It was majorly because I had this loser-mindset at such stages of my life when I used those phrases.

Well! Now it’s more important that we start focusing at this moment and stop using these phrases from this moment onwards.

What are your thoughts on this?

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