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Thursday 13 May 2021

Lessons Learnt During May 05, 2021 to May 13, 2021:


Lessons Learnt During May 05, 2021 to May 13, 2021:

May 05, 2021:

  • Sometimes, we end up hurting people in an attempt to defend ourselves.
May 06, 2021:
  • It's not a good idea to dig deeper into the past of the people when all that exists there is the pain and sorrows.
May 07, 2021:
  • A day passes one by one but the moment we look back, it appears as if a lot has changed in our life.
May 08, 2021:
  • Life brings us to a point where we have so much to do and so less time to do them. So, before that time comes, just start to work on your dreams.
May 09, 2021:
  • Sometimes, we find it easy to blame people for our consequences but the truth is that we pay for our own decisions.
May 10, 2021:
  • People will never be able to empathize your pain because they will never know what you really feel deep inside your heart.
May 11, 2021:
  • Seldom we realize that our thoughts will never bring results until we act upon them.
May 12, 2021:
  • Some people will not be able to understand your point of view for any random reason. It's better to let it go and just let it be. It's important for your mental peace.
May 13, 2021:
  • Sometimes, we lose our control and allow our anger to rule in the moment but it brings us into a point where people may leave us because we may have disrespected them in anger even though we didn't mean to hurt them.

I am surprised to see how fast the last ten days have passed and when I look back I realize that I did not share much with you all in this duration. But to bring myself on track, I shared one lesson per day from the last few days so that from tomorrow onwards, I can start writing daily blogs without procrastinating this beautiful act of sharing my learnings of the day.

Thank you for reading,

Rohit Sood.

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