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Saturday, 24 April 2021

Let's Pause for a Moment


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I opened this note and the moment I was about to start writing, an ocean of thoughts blew my mind with all the suggestions that I may write about.
I agreed to some of its thoughts such as Hindi Shayari, A Poetry, About Life, etc., but the moment I was about to write a first sentence after giving a title to a note, I had that blank feeling as if I had nothing write about, in that moment, but still I wanted to write, because since April 20, 2021, I decided to write every day for at least 30 minutes.

You see? When I felt blank right before finishing my first sentence of the note, I knew that I did not want to talk about any of those topics. Hence, I just took a pause for a moment and I decided to write this note.

Similarly, in our life, there are various moments when we have so many thoughts, problems, challenges, dreams, distractions, etc. running through our mind that we find it hard to maintain a focus on doing things that really matter. I know that still we managed to come so far in life that we have somehow tackled various problems in our past.

However, when such a situation of ocean of thoughts knock the door of our mind, we find it really hard to have that moment of peace which can help us to go towards the right direction. But in such moments, even a long deep breathe makes a lot of difference to how we take decisions at that time.

But why's that? How come a simple breathe can change the way we see our life?

Good Question.

That's because sometimes, in our life, a small pause for a moment makes a lot of difference. In that moment, a lot can change.
Just like in football game, it is often said, "Pause, Focus and Shoot".
Similarly, in our life, sometimes a small pause may help us to introspect ourselves and know what we really want in life, and this immediately help us for taking a right decision.

Pause for a moment and look back into your past.
Pause for a moment and look how you see yourself in future.
Finally, pause for a moment and see if your present actions are inclined towards where you want to see yourself in future.

Thank you for reading,

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