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Monday, 1 April 2019



The Financial Year FY 2018-19 has ended while The Financial Year FY 2019-20 is all set to begin from today onwards.
However, from the past few days, to me, this concept of Financial Year has begun to appear as my Life Year; LY 2018-2019 and LY 2019-2020. I don't know the reasons behind that but it kind of felt right to me.
In my Life Year 2018-19, I would say that I saw a great downfall in me not only as a Brand but also as a Human Being. Negativities emerged in me and began to become even stronger by fading away my Strengths and Good Deeds.
All the actions that used to my loved ones happy, gradually began to fade away with pains and sorrows resulted from my bad actions in the last year.
The LY 2018-19 had been very tough for me because I could not present the best version of myself to the world nor to my loved ones. There were times when I yelled at my closed ones, was rude, aggressive or even abusive to them and sadly, unfortunately, I cannot undo any of it. All I can do is to learn from my mistakes and become a better version of myself by overcoming my bad habits and replacing them with some good habits which would help me to increase my Goodwill and earn the trust of my loved ones once again.
The Previous Life Year was the year in which I committed blunders and multiple mistakes, while the Current Life Year is going to be the year of consequences which I will have to face because of my actions; good or bad. Such consequences are kept as additional notes in my Life Balance Sheet as Contingent Liabilities.
There are a lot of things of LY 2018-2019, I wish I should not have done or said to some people but the truth is that past cannot be changed and therefore, all I can do is to make things right in present for future. This may or may not give rise to retreat with the lost ones but it will definitely bring a smile on their face when they will see a growth of me as a brand.
In this Life Year LY 2019-20, I am supposed to pay-off large amount of Life Debt which I owe to people in terms of Gratitudes, Apologies, Love, Care, etc. I am sure that God will shower me with some or at least few golden opportunities to correct what I did wrong in the Previous Life Year.
We cannot do good or become better until and unless we realize that we had been wrong.
Hence, I hereby accept all my mistakes of LY 2018-2019.
I am thankful to everyone who contributed in a positive way in my Life Balance Sheet.
I am Sorry to the ones whom I have hurt or given any pain in the previous Life Year.
I have done bad things in past but I am not a bad person.
I am good. I can be better and one day, I will be the best.
With this note, I am all set to start my new LIFE YEAR LY 2019-2020.
I am sure that this year, the Brand Rohit Sood, will create a better environment in his surroundings.
Thank you for reading,
Keep Shining :-)
Keep Smiling :-)

Rohit Sood

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