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Sunday, 16 December 2018

Lessons Learned Recently

December 11, 2018:
  1. Life doesn't take us away from pleasures, it only teaches us a value of having them.
December 12, 2018:
  1. That amazing moment when you relive the memories of your past by just talking to an old friend.
December 13, 2018:
That amazing moment when you feel empty then all of a sudden, your life gets sparkled with the presence of someone close to you.

December 14, 2018:
  1. Learn not because you are being taught but to become a better version of yourself.
December 15, 2018:
  1. Focus on having a product knowledge at the ground level and you will begin to learn a lot more at the early stages in your life.
December 16, 2018:
  1. That amazing moment when you realize that you can win any battle with love and politeness.

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