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Monday, 10 December 2018


December 01, 2018:
  1. That amazing moment when you did not have any hope to get through your goal yet you achieve it with good score.
December 02, 2018:
  1. That one moment when nothing seems to be right as all of a sudden, things begin to get wrong.
December 03, 2018:
  1. It is hard to generate sales when you do not get any new leads at a given point of time.
December 04, 2018:
  1. Life is difficult and the moment we understand this reality, it becomes much easy to live.
  2. That amazing moment when all of a sudden, you get a call of a customer and you get the deal for good amount of revenue.
December 05, 2018:
  1. That amazing moment when everything begin to go in the right direction, the way you always wanted it to.
December 06, 2018:
  1. That awkward moment when people call you for some work but you make you sit idol and you end up doing nothing for long time.
December 07, 2018:
  1. That amazing moment when you get unending support from everyone around you.
December 08, 2018:
The day was quite awesome, it doesn't need any explanation at all. Why would anyone need reasons to be happy when he or she is with the person whom he or she loves the most. The same was my feeling today as everything went quite well and I am glad that this day happened in my life.
Things I Learned Today:
  1. Life will not give us experiences which we really want, just for free. It is we who need to act on time and grab such opportunities on time and make that chance yours.
December 09, 2018:
  1. That moment when you fail in an exam but still you don't cry because you have a faith that the story does not end here and there is much more into it.
  2. Sometimes, you are not left with any option but to forgive your loved ones because you know that you would feel incomplete without them.


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