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Sunday, 1 July 2018

The New Journey of Life

June 25, 2018:
  1. It is important that we must keep a flexible behavior because we may get an urgent call to go anywhere at anytime. (P.S. First Session at 2 p.m.)
  2. That amazing moment when you are able to make a difference among 110 persons. (Volunteered for Role Play)
  3. It feels good to be a part of new journey in your life.

June 26, 2018:
  1. That awkward moment when one wrong move for a short span can cost you unwanted consequences. (P.S. 1 Minute Late at work)
  2. That astonishing moment when strangers are willing to hang out with you for a very long time.
  3. It's a very peaceful feeling when you spend time with school children especially when you are painting with them.

June 27, 2018
  1. "Ussi mitti se bhagwan ki murat bhi banti hai jis mitti se chai ka pyala banta hai. It depends upon you who you want to be." (Lesson Credits: Hemant Sir)
  2. That amazing moment when you never feel shy to ask anything you want to.
  3. That awesome moment when you are able to grab the attention of audience for a very long time. (P.S. Introduction via Book Launch Mode)
  4. That awkward moment when you over react at wrong situations.

June 28, 2018:
  1. You set to make a difference when you know that you can do what people cannot even think to do.
  2. That awesome moment when everyone is shouting their names just to see you perform on the stage.

June 29, 2018:
  1. That awkward moment when people go out of their limits to get what they want even if they have to humiliate someone.
  2. No team can prosper unless they perform like a team. (P.S. Role Play in a team)
  3. That awesome moment when you realize that you have a wonderful partner standing next to you who will always be their in all your ups and downs. (P.S. Roli)
  4. Before we get tensed for others' words, we must set our attitude right for such situations. (Lesson Credits: Roli) 

June 30, 2018:
  1. That amazing moment when people began to priase you for your confidence. (P.S. Megha and Krishibha)
  2. That hilarious moment when anything you speak brings a laughter on the face of all your listeners.
  3. It really feels good when you know what you want to do irrespective of many people asking you to do so many different things.
  4. Sometimes, it's  important to know how you really want to hang out instead of letting people force you into their plans. (P.S. Juhu Beach vs. Marine Drive)

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