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Saturday, 16 June 2018

15 Days of June 2018

As the month of June began, a journey of another plenty of experiences entered into a starting phase. First and foremost, I began working on something that I had been postponing for a very long period of time. 15 days aren't less to learn something or to change any habit. These 15 days also helped me to realize that there are so many things that require an improvement, especially to keep a good equation with my loved ones.
Initially, I began to think that I don't need to share everything I learn with everyone I meet, however, this period of 15 days has made me realize that I started to let go of many learnings as it is, and began to repeat same mistakes again and again. Though, I thought I must keep a gap in sharing my learnings with you all, however, it is not generating any value in my life. I began to write my daily experiences in private but that must have started to stop an equation of knowledge sharing in the middle.
In these 15 days, I made uncountable mistakes, made my loved ones sad many times, but most of all, I received a lesson of identifying a difference between right and wrong, therefore, this experience will help me to provide better experience to my closed ones. I can still share everything that I learned in these 15 days in a list of 15-30 lessons, however, I think I will keep this post as it is, just a reminder of what I might have lost by not keeping a proper track of my daily experiences.
I might have made many people sad,
I must have disappointed some pure souls in the past few days,
I might have hurt few special beings in my life.
But most of all, I learned from all such experiences and therefore, I hereby ask for forgiveness from all my loved ones, especially the ones who are very close to my heart.
I must tell you that I have learned my lessons and soon you will observe an improvement in me which will ultimately bring a smile on your face.
From now onwards, once again, you will come across various lessons on this blog in different ways.
I hereby wish you all, Best of Luck.

Keep Learning,
Keep Sharing,

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Sood.

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