April 27, 2018: Last Friday @ LPU: - Things I Learned Today

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Thursday, 3 May 2018

April 27, 2018: Last Friday @ LPU:

April 27, 2018: Last Friday @ LPU:

As the time is passing by, time to leave the university is coming even closer. With this thing in mind, I tried to spend some more time with a friend but ended up getting into an argument. Though we sorted out the situation very soon, I realized that this was not a good decision to blame my friend for taking a decision which she felt as right. Ultimately, the day ended on a very good note and I was ready to live my next day which was going to be the last working day at the university.
Things I Learned 
  1. It is better to express your desires in clear words so that no misunderstanding takes place in your relations.
  2. That awkward moment when a teacher only points out your mistakes instead of appreciating your efforts for bringing a smile on others' faces. (P.S. A feedback for the video)
  3. Your partner has an equal right to choose what is right for him/her. You can only suggest them, ultimate decision belongs to them only.
  4. It is good to share your ideas when you know that they can make a lot of difference in someone's work. (P.S. Video for Alumni Homecoming)
  5. That amazing moment when you clear your misunderstandings with your partner very soon and begin giving love even more.
  6. It feels awesome when you do something even when you are not asked to do.

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