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Thursday, 19 April 2018

The Fight For Right

April 17, 2018: The Fight For Right

As I woke up in the morning, I knew that I had to get ready a little bit earlier than usual because my cousin was going to drop me to my college. After reaching university, I got a call from a junior that I had to guide the juniors of 4 different sections regarding their choice for subjects. As the day passed by, I added a lot of experiences in my life and therefore, I learned a different set of lessons today.

Things I Learned Today:

  1. That awkward moment when people show off to become what they are not by bragging about things they don't own.
  2. It is good to not make promises then to promise something that you cannot deliver. (P.S. A situation with cousin)
  3. You must always have faith in yourself, that's how you can have a backup plan for almost every uncertainty.
  4. Your decisions may also prove to be wrong, it is important that you accept your mistakes and learn from them. (P.S. A situation)
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