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Wednesday, 18 April 2018

The Day When I Guided My Juniors

April 14, 2018: The Day When I Guided My Juniors

The day carried a different routine as compared to other days. My friend was part of an event where I was attending lectures yet we managed to meet frequently. The best thing for the day was that I was going to guide MBA first year students for choosing their subjects for second year.

Things I Learned Today:

  1. That hilarious moment when you are giving a presentation and someone from the audience ask you to close the marker in your hand.
  2. That one moment when you are willing to dedicate your life to one person but they are concerned about their 30 seconds.
  3. It feels amazing to revisit your childhood memories within a day. (P.S. Preparation classes for KPMG reminded me of the times when I used to study Accounts during my 11th and 12th standard.
  4. It feels good to share your knowledge with the people who actually value it. 
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Rohit Sood

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