The Tough Day Turned Into A Most Memorable Sunday - Things I Learned Today

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Monday, 12 March 2018

The Tough Day Turned Into A Most Memorable Sunday

Things I Learned Today: March 11, 2018:

  1. The moment you began to focus on what people may think, you start to lose the happiness that you can create without that thought. (P.S. "What people would talk about it?"
  2. Sometimes, it's perfectly alright to go out of rules and regulations because otherwise they only eat up your energy.
  3. Good memories are created with the ones who mean a lot to you.
  4. Sometimes, it's important to keep others' happiness above yours, especially when they are your loved ones.
  5. Happiness must always be measured in absolute terms instead of making it a relative term. For instance, just because others had more fun than you, doesn't mean that you did not enjoy enough.
  6. Life pushes us hard especially when we need to learn a lesson which we don't learn in our daily routine with easy conditions.
  7. No matter what happens, we are always where we have chosen to be. This always makes us realize that we must take accountability for our current situation so that we can take better decisions.
  8. Tears may come out of ours eyes without giving any prior signal, but they definitely bring a realization for how much we love the person for whom they fell out of our eyes.
  9. It feels special when someone begins to trust you without adding any conditions with it.
  10. It does not matter how you started your journey or where it ended. Rather, what's more important is how you lived during the period between both the sides. (P.S. Bus-Memories-Bus)
  11. That astonishing moment when you choose something to wear for the person you love.
  12. Quick decision making is a need of an hour but it can only be executed if there is harmony in your team.
  13. It's always more of a Quality than Quantity that matters the most.
  14. It's very important to forgive people way before they say 'Sorry' for it because there is no point to began complaining when the person has already accepted his mistakes. (P.S. I should not have reminded of everything once again when the person already agreed to what went wrong)

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