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Friday, 12 January 2018

Do What You Love

“Learn From People”

Penmanrohit sood
  1. You know you have earned a real friend for life when he calls you back by seeing your missed call, just to take a birthday wishes from you.
  2. Nothing is more special than to get involved in the passion of the person you love.
  3. Keeping yourself busy with some tasks is far better than sitting idle and allowing negative thoughts to enter in your mind.
  4. “Jab Parwah Nahi Thi, Pari Ki Tarah Udti Thi. Zara Sa Socha, Aur Par Katt Gaye”, Ekta Kapoor.
  5. Adjust. Adapt. Negotiate.
  6. “Don’t listen to people. Do what your heart feels right.” Ekta Kapoor.
Keep Learning,
Keep Sharing,
January 07, 2018

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