First Day of 2018 - Things I Learned Today

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Monday, 1 January 2018

First Day of 2018


The first day of new year is always special for almost everyone and so does it was for me. I happened to experience so many wonderful things that came into existence because of the presence of some people in my life. Right from the starting since 00:00 a.m., it was an optimistic beginning of new year when I listened to the voice of the person I love followed by wishing happy new year to my family members and then finally talking to her. After staying awake for 3 hours, I slept to wake up again in the morning and realize that it was the first day of new year. The only thought that was going in my mind was about the bad habits that I have planned to leave in this year. It is said that you can never eliminate bad habits but you can always replace them with some good habits. In addition, they say that habits can be changed only if you put your efforts consistently for at least 21 days. However, I believe that if those 21 days occur, there comes a challenge on Day 1 when you have to give up on bad habits in a similar situation but all of a sudden. This is what I experienced today when I had to give up some habits but it felt really good that I happened to keep myself away from the things I don't want to do.
Though, I have not made any specific resolution, however, there are some of the parameters which I have decided to consider doing in this year which are as follows:
  1. Stop Drinking Tea,
  2. Stop __________.
  3. Publish my Second Book.
  4. Control my anger.
  5. 'As you wish' thing.

"One thing that I learned today is that I must not be too pushy on some things, rather be little flexible as per the given circumstances."
In addition, My brother made me realize that no matter how far we have to go in life but we still need to focus on what is in our hand at present and what we can do at this moment with the given resources.
Thank you for reading, 
Wish you a very Happy New Year,

Rohit Sood.

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