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Tuesday, 23 January 2018

3 Special Days

January 21, 2018:
  1. It's only when you enter into a similar situation, you begin to understand people in such circumstances.
January 22, 2018:
  1. Success does not mean anything if it doesn't have an essence of Moral Values. (Lesson Credits: Mr. Mahesh Bhatt)
  2. If you really want to do something in life, you just gotta do it. (Lesson Credits: Rupali Kumari)
  3. That amazing moment you get fruitful results by not giving up.
  4. That heart touching moment when someone expresses their love for you without saying it. (Meeting vs. Meeting)
January 23, 2018:
  1. Patience is what you need in order to maintain good relations with your loved ones.
  2. When an opportunity knocks your door, fear of failure accompanies it but you must make the best out of that opportunity.

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