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Friday, 22 December 2017

'Two Days Wisdom'

December 18, 2017:
- When you realize that you are not able to control your distractions, just eliminate them. (Lesson Credits: Rupali)
- Fear will not solve a problem, your efforts will. (Lesson Credits: Rupali)
- Have an optimistic approach whenever you are ready to put your efforts in any task.
- Quality of the idea can be determined only when you act on it. (Mohit Sood)

December 19, 2017:
  1. That amazing moment when your friends help you to face challenging situations. (Lesson Credits: Navjot Kaur)
  2. There are always some friends who will help you in difficult times. (P.S. Nikita gave Calculator)
  3. We must appreciate our efforts irrespective of the results.
  4. That amazing moment when you realize that you have chosen the right person for yourself.
  5. The easier it is to commit a mistake, the harder it is to accept it but you must still take responsibility for your actions. (P.S. Actions.)
  6. It is quite satisfying to put some actions and apply some strategies to correct your mistakes. (P.S. Let's Go)
  7. Enjoying a dessert with the one you love is always a life-time experience.

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