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Friday, 1 December 2017

Happy Thanksgiving Day

The Day I Will Never Forget:

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November 23, 2017:-

  1. Just because you are feeling nervous, doesn't mean that you have to give up on it.
  2. The real happiness is when you see a smile on the face of a person you love.
  3. Showing gratitude to people for what they have done for you is a good way to encourage kindness among people.
  4. That amazing moment when you do something special for the person you really love.

P.S. The most special thing about this day was 'Thanksgiving' and therefore, I wanted to make it the memorable, not only because it was thanksgiving day but also I was celebrating it for the first time with someone special.
Initially, I took an initiative to thank everyone by giving my first Thanksgiving Speech in the lecture hall. Everybody were amazed to see my enthusiasm to thank them for what they did in my life. However, it was not the end yet because I had some special people whom I was still left to thank. I went to some of my teachers and presented a Dairy Milk chocolate to them which made them really happy. After attending classes, I went to purchase a gift for my Mom and someone special. Mom was really glad to receive the gift and she also thanked me. When I presented to someone special, she blushed drastically and that was the moment when she realized how much special day it was for us. The way she thanked me for everything was even more memorable.

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Rohit Sood.

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