November 03, 2017 - Things I Learned Today

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Monday, 6 November 2017

November 03, 2017

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Things I Learned Today: November 03, 2017:
  1. When your heart has already made a decision about where it wants to go, you cannot resist it on the name of any negative emotions like fear, doubts, etc. because deep inside, it already knows everything and choose the best for us.
  2. You should not limit yourself within the opportunities you are getting. Rather, you should work on creating new opportunities for yourself. Money is not the problem, sooner or later, it will follow but all in all, you will receive satisfaction for what you will do. (Lesson Credits: Vishal Sarin Sir)
  3. You should never use the statement, "Now, the life is set", because this is the moment when you start to lower your efforts. Therefore, just keep challenging yourself on every stage of life. (Lesson Credits: Vishal Sarin Sir)
  4. It feels good to make people realize how much they are capable of. (P.S. A conversation with a classmate)
  5. It is hard to motivate someone if he or she is not ready to talk to anyone. (P.S. A situation in which you want to console your classmate)
  6. No matter how much you resist, some things are meant to happen. (P.S. An expression of thoughts)

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