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Anti-Social Media Challenge

Thursday, 5 October 2017

One Day, Multiple Offerings

One Day, Multiple Offerings

"Life is taking a new turn but I have started to enjoy every inch of its journey.", Rohit Sood.

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Day 3 - An Expression Of Thought
October 03, 2017:
  1. That awesome moment when every day starts to bring joy in your life, or when you begin to have an optimistic approach about your life.
  2. Some relations are so amazing that you don't even need to name them but you can still keep them forever.
  3. When you start to take action, you begin to learn in a better way.

Day 4 - Let's Open Facebook In The Lecture
October 04, 2017:
After the extended 4 days holidays from college, I was going to attend the classes and was pretty excited to meet my classmates. Everything was going as per the daily routine until I attended the Digital Marketing Class with Roktim Sir who was going to teach us Social Media Marketing. 
"Guys, it must be a dream come true moment for you when I say, 'Open The'", he said.
Now, I could see the challenge coming in front of me because I just stopped using Facebook around 3 days ago but now I will have to use it for digital marketing. However, I could manage to participate in the discussion and understand the concepts without actually logging into Facebook. I realized that time will not be far when I will have to sign in into facebook once again because of its requirement for fulfilling the criteria of Digital Marketing Subject.
I wasn't aware when that time would come, and nor I knew that it would be so early. However, I am certain that now I have a proper control on my mind and therefore, I will only use it if required. I never thought that I could get a control on myself so early, but I am beginning to feel that I can live without the social media also and therefore, I will not get drawn into its usage excessively.

As I reached home, I decided to check my social media accounts by choice. I realized that it was me who was dealing with social media sites like a Taboo, otherwise they don't have any control over us at all. After checking the notifications and doing some important tasks, I watched the most inspirational speech by Ms. Muniba Mazari. She inspired me in one of the most effective ways and discussed the trick to overcome our fears and live my present in a best manner. One of the most amazing statements which she used was "Sometimes, absence of some people makes us a better person. Always cherish their absence. It is always blessing in disguise. Always. Always."
Her Words! Her Speech! Her Story! Her Expressions! Her Emotions! Every minute of that 39+ minutes video inspired me to think again, smile again, spread happiness again and live my life in a best manner. If you have 3 minutes of your spare time, just check out the video, trust me you will not be able to resist yourself from watching the complete video.

I shared part of my experience after watching that video only to encourage you to listen to her speech at least once because I know that it is going to help you a lot throughout your life.

Things I Learned Today:
  1. Some things are actually very small things but we make them a Taboo for no reason.
  2. There is no substitute to the powerful feelings of Trust, Faith and True Emotions.
  3. "If __ ____, _ ____ __ you." (P.S. Most Memorable Statement of My Life)
  4. That awesome moment when you realize that you have someone who trusts you.

Keep Learning.
Keep Sharing.

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Sood.
(P.S. What did you learn today? Feel free to share your experiences in the comment below.)

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