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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Happiness is a Choice.

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Happiness is a Choice.

October 23, 2017:
  1. If you have a doubt, Ask. You will definitely find a solution. (P.S. Sentiment Analysis in R)
  2. That amazing moment when you realize that you have some friends who care for you more than you do yourself. (P.S. "Call Sir, to ask for Capstone concept which you are not able to understand)

October 24, 2017:
  1. To succeed in life, it is important to know why you fail. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir)
  2. Story shared by Likhit Sir. (P.S. "Dear Sir, You keep your F grade. I will keep my dream", an MBA student in a story)
  3. There are 4 types of Group Discussions in Recruitment Process; a) Technical Topic (Core Knowledge), b) Debatable Topics, c) Abstract Topics, d) Current Affairs.
  4. First job will not matter and therefore, you must have it before you pass-out from University. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir)
  5. Don't limit your opportunities in terms of brand, company, salary package or location. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir)
  6. No matter what happens, you must read every day. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir)
  7. Likhit Sir shared a story of his batch-mate who was not selected for Rs. 9 lakh package but started working at a package of Rs. 1.5 lakh in CRISIL but now he is working in Federal Bank at a very good package. (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir)
  8. If you feel nervous while appearing for any interview, just keep one thing in mind. "In worst case, before interview you did not have job and after the interview as well, you won't have it. Hence, there is no harm in giving an interview." (Lesson Credits: Likhit Sir)
  9. It is good to ask for forgiveness but you should not repeat your mistakes. (Lesson Credits: Rupali)

October 25, 2017:
  1. Say something that brings a smile on someone's face. (Lesson Credits: Keshav Uncle)
  2. Sometimes, a moment comes in your life when you want to do something but it appears to be impossible.

October 26, 2017:
  1. That amazing moment when someone appears like a pleasant surprise in front of you. (P.S. In front of 14-411)
  2. Wondering what others would think will only waste your time because it doesn't matter at the end. (Lesson Credits: Angad Singh Cheema)
  3. Worrying about other task, while doing the task in hand, will reduce your efficiency for both the tasks. (Lesson Credits: Angad Singh Cheema)
  4. Power of Subconscious Mind works well when we have faith on the happening of the event which we actually want. (P.S. I just to get better scores than last time. 10 vs. 14)
  5. Your self-confidence boosts up when you give a performance without preparation and people end up praising about it. (P.S. No prior preparation but still you were able to engage audience in such a way that they were listening to you attentively)
  6. You give your best only when you concentrate on your performance instead of comparing it with anyone else's performance. (P.S. PPT vs No PPT)
  7. You will get a lot of satisfaction before going to sleep when you know that you have spent your day productively. (P.S. Digital Marketing)

October 27, 2017:
  1. It may be easy to over-react in some situations, but it is definitely inappropriate.
  2. Things may not go as per your plan which gives rise to a need that you must always have a backup plan.
October 28, 2017:

  1. It hurts to see people cheating a friend just to get their things done.
  2. No matter how much you postpone your tasks, you will have to do them before the end of their deadline. (R Assignment)

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