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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Selling Is Not Telling

'Selling Is Not Telling'

On August 01, 2017, I came across a wonderful teacher, Mr. Narinder Garcha who showed us the real picture of Sales and encouraged us to learn selling skills as they are required in every field i.e. from selling a niddle to selling yourself in an interview.
I will carry forward the lessons that I learned from him for the rest of my life for he has inspired me to think big and make a difference in my thought process regarding Sales.
“I have seen the hard times. In my era, I was rebuked, I was abused, I was kicked…”, he said and at that moment, the pitch of his voice made my eyes wet but I understood the importance of obstacles in our life because ultimately they make us a better person.
It was the best thing that we learned various lessons from him for the whole day which ultimately gave us a freedom to try new things by involving ourselves into various sales related activities in terms of Games, Quiz, Role Plays, etc.
I am really grateful to Mr. Narinder Garcha for Sir has taught me the following lessons:
  1. Everybody has their own perception and it’s perfectly fine.
  2. “Treat your customer as a celebrity.”
  3. “Selling is the process of uncovering and satisfying customer needs.”
  4. “Go Beyond.”
  5. Rule of 4-5-6. Let go of Fear-Shame-Hatred from your life if you want to succeed.
  6. “Selling is not telling. Selling is consulting.”
  7. “You are always hired for some other reasons.”
  8. 4 ‘R’ rule of Selling: Right Customer, Right Frequency, Right Contact, Right Communication.
  9. Principle of ‘BEST’ for Sales: Build Trust-Explore-Selling Solution-Take Commitment.
  10. Theory of 2-6-2.
  11. “The way to grow is to look at your competitors.”
I am also thankful to the teachers and my University who arrange so many sessions for us to give insights us on the real picture of the Industry.
Keep Learning 😊
Keep Sharing 😎
Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Sood
August 01, 2017

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