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Saturday, 16 September 2017

Learning Happens Everyday

Learning Happens Everyday

Things I Learned on September 07, 2017:
  1. You must relax yourself so that you can take better decisions. (Lesson Credits: Shivani Mam)
  2. Never criticize yourself because of others opinion as they may change their perception about you at anytime.
  3. That awesome moment when you find a listener.

Things I Learned on September 08, 2017:
  1. Feedback is not for receiving praises but rather to know about criticism also as it may help us to improve drastically.
  2. There is no point to see when you don't have a vision. (Lesson Credits: Chetan Sir)
  3. Milestones tell us the location, however, we reach the destination with our own efforts only. (Lesson Credits: Chetan Mishra Sir)
  4. "In God, we trust. All others bring data", W.E. Deming.
  5. Don't take decision, without looking at data. (Lesson Credits: Charanpreet Sir) (Business Analytics Workshop)

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