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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Conspired Success

Conspired Success

Everyone has a stage in their life when they start feeling that they don’t have any vision for their future but after few moments, minutes, or days, a sudden change occur when they actually come across their purpose of life. It is the time when they start giving credit only to that moment only, but they forget to connect the dots and look back to realize that it was already planned and therefore, it was not only their efforts but also the sources, which were beyond their control, which conspired the circumstances to occur in such a way that it took them to the path of Success.
Once I heard Sandeep Maheshwari, saying that we can only connect the dots with our past and it is very important for us to realize this fact, because when any uncertain happenings occur, we start worrying about the future, whereas, in contrast, we can only connect the dots with what has already happened. That’s why we usually say, “Whatever I am Today, I owe to my past experiences. Had I not experience that, I wouldn’t have reached to a point where I am today.”
Similarly, when you become successful, it will not be a sudden act of God, rather a slow and steady actions which you take over the period of time along with the blessings of the creator of your Master Plan.
Today afternoon, I got a text from one of my teachers, Mr. Tabrez who informed me that the work which we were doing from past few months was now ready by 99%, I felt as if I was so close to the achievement of dreams. It was obvious that it wasn’t done in one single day, yet it included the efforts of almost one year.
Once I heard somebody saying in a TV serial, “A brick is broken by a last stroke of hammer but it does not mean that all the previous strokes were useless.”
Just keep taking actions on your dreams and take at least one step every day towards your goals. Soon you will realize it was all planned.
I might not have touched all the aspects of Success.
Kindly share your opinion and help people learn something different from you as well.
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