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Wednesday, 13 September 2017

2 Days vs. 4*2 Special Lessons

2 Days vs. 4*2 Special Lessons.

Things I Learned on September 3, 2017:-
  1. Friendship may not be intentional, it can definitely happen within a very short span of time. (P.S. A Beginning of a friendship.)
  2. A slight change in your direction can create a wonderful memory in your life. (P.S. We took a wrong turn which helped us to experience a rain.)
  3. It is always your decision that makes the whole difference in your life. Thus, take every decision wisely.
  4. A small discussion with a friend can assist you in reaching at your destination. (P.S. Varinder requested the Driver to drop me at the place where I had to go after coming back to Jalandhar from Triund.)
  5. It is hard to digest certain facts by everyone.
Things I Learned on September 4, 2017:-
  1. You should do what you feel right without seeking the approval of others. (Lesson Credits: Prabhat Kumar)
  2. You may not be aware who is willing to know more about you but the moment you find one, it feels awesome. (P.S. Add me in your list of good friends.)
  3. You must not wait for the opportunities to come to you. Go and grab them. (Lesson Credits: Rohit Sir)

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