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Anti-Social Media Challenge

Wednesday, 13 September 2017

2 Days=4 Lessons

2 Days=4 Lessons

Things I Learned on August 06, 2017:-
  1. Sometimes, we must keep our emotions in our heart only, otherwise  it may hurt someone.
  2. In life, we don’t owe explanations to everyone around.
  3. Happiness is what you create by yourself.
Things I Learned on August 7, 2017:
A thoughtful conversation:
I was talking with my friend and she suggested me that the social media must be at the end of my list. It is something that we must use only when we are actually free and have nothing else to do. She was right and I could not agree more. Now, 2 days have passed and I can compare that I was able to reduce its use and will gradually bring it even lower.
I am thankful to that friend for showing me the right path.
“You never know how much people have to tell you until and unless you give them an opportunity to speak.”

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