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Friday, 21 July 2017

Things I Learned Today: July 14, 2017:

  1. Documentation is important because we may forget what we learned within a span of time. (Lesson Credits: Ishant Sir)
  2. You must be ready to extract the best out of uncomfortable situations. (Lesson Credits: Ishant Sir)
  3. Sometimes, finishing our tasks early makes us even more lazy.
  4. A famous person rightly said, "At the end what matters is, are you happy?"
  5. Life becomes wonderful when you start forgetting your own sorrows in the process of being happy in someone else's happiness.
  6. That awkward moment when somebody asks your progress about your goal but you know that you are at the same place. (P.S. What about the..........)
  7. Every day brings new experiences and of course new emotions as well.
  8. People may go against you for the decisions you take at times. But if you know that you did the right thing, be proud of yourself. (Lesson Credits: Movie: Sully)
  9. Delay is better than a disaster. (Lesson Credits: Sully)

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