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Wednesday, 28 June 2017

True Love Never Dies

Things I Learned today: June 26, 2017:

  1. You may lose focus if you are  trying to do two things at a time. (Reading vs. missing Jalandhar bypass)
  2. People may not treat you well but you must never forget your own worth. (CorelDraw Special.)
  3. None of your attempts or efforts ever go in vain. (P.S. A truck that taught me a lesson)
  4. You must bring your knowledge in use for your profession. (Lesson Credits: Ishant Sir)
  5. Before you share your thoughts, take the opinion of others as well. (Lesson Credits: Sandeep, a bus friend.)
  6. There must be a balance in your life. You must play when you play and think of study only when you are studying. (Lesson Credits: Sandeep.)
  7. Reading habits must be promoted. (P.S. A news regarding Book Fairies.)
  8. "First love is the real love, rest are just to forget the first one.", Gaura.

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