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Monday, 19 June 2017

Knowledge is Everywhere.

Things I Learned Today: June 6, 2017:-

  1. One thing may not be useful directly but it can be an ingredient for something else. (P.S. Core Java)
  2. Over-thinking takes away the half of your productivity. (P.S. I spent a day over thinking about all the tasks in hand.)
  3. It feels awesome when we prefer to complete our task irrespective of others' opinion. (P.S. Designed Image over discussing an action plan.)
  4. Learned about Java and its features.
  5. That amazing moment when your supervisor shows introduces you with his wife over skype. (P.S. Ishant introduced me with his wife and told that she was concerned if he had his breakfast.)
  6. That one moment when you exchange a smile with an unknown girl in an auto rikshaw.
  7. If you want to achieve something, just focus on achieving it instead of paying attention to what is happening around. (Lesson Credits: WhatsApp Audio)
  8. If God is not there, why talk about him. If God is there, why to worry. (Lesson Credits: WhatsApp Audio)
  9. You cannot learn amazing things if you walk in the streets with a closed mind. (P.S. Plugging in earphones.)
  10. Sometimes, all you need to do is to close all your works and rest for a while. (Preferred to sleep over doing numerous tasks in fatigue.)

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