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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Hard-Work Pays Well

Things I Learned Today: June 12, 2017:

  1. You cannot acquire focus if you don't keep your eyes off your phone. (P.S. Missed Aarti Chownk)
  2. You must eliminate the use of 'I don't know' by actually doing it. (Lesson Credits: Ishant Kumar Sir)
  3. Hard Work matters more than References. (Lesson Credits: Ishant Sir)
  4. A person can be responsible only when he takes or is given a responsibility to handle something. (Lesson Credits: Suraj, a stranger in an Auto-rickshaw)
  5. That awesome moment when the title of your book suddenly strikes your mind. (P.S. Shh...!!)
  6. That amazing moment when your expectations are fulfilled.

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