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Monday, 26 June 2017

Choosing Path vs Being Path

Things I Learned Today: June 24, 2017:-

  1. That awesome moment when you understand the real USP of your own work. (Character identification vs. Real People)
  2. That amazing moment when you come across some good authors who have already left a mark in people's life. (Keshav Aneel, Pankaj Giri, etc.)
  3. It is rightly said by many that you should not compare yourself with anyone. Instead of focusing on the things that I cannot control, I must focus on doing things that I really meant to do.
  4. This day will be remembered forever in my life because today I realized that I don't have to create any path to success rather I must focus on being a path by myself so that people would like to walk on the same. This path must be the one that won't ever let them to fall.

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